Adult Classes

The Martial arts develops physical fitness and mental focus, as well as relaxation. The training and exercises at Xcel, which involve the movement of the entire body, will keep you trim, fit and in good health.


Besides keeping you physically fit, your training can be most effective and powerful when used as a tool in self-defense.




Men competing in today’s society will gain confidence to cope with daily problems and situations. Xcel  programs will help release tensions caused by constant pressures and responsibilities. Stamina will be increased and an enthusiasm will develop to deal with everyday routines. You will notice the difference, and so will family, friends and employers. 

Women at any age are concerned with how they look and how they feel. One follows the other , when you feel better, you look better. Tae Kwon Do movements are graceful and more interesting than repetitive exercise formats. Xcel program offers the opportunity to shed extra pounds and inches and feel invigorated. It can also make women feel capable of standing up to a situation, whether a normal activity or one in which she must defend herself.charisfield.jpg (14381 bytes)