Xcel Tae Kwon Do

Class Procedures

1)     Students must bow when entering and leaving the Do-Jang (School).  Bowing is a part of our training that is an international body language showing respect for oneself and others.

2)     Remove shoes and place them neatly on the she rack.

3)     Pick up your Attendance Card from the folder.  Student must have certain amount of classes attended per belt level in order to qualify for a belt test.

4)     Students should be sitting quietly while waiting for their scheduled class to begin.

5)     When the Instructor or Master calls for lining up, students must respond strongly by saying “Yes Sir or Yes Ma’am”, and line up quickly by belt rank in rows of 4 or 5.

Once the lined up the senior student will collect the attendance cards with two hands and exchange bows.  The class will officially begin by 1st saluting the flags,  2nd bowing to the Master or Instructor, 3rd to the black belts and the senior student.  The class will end in the same manner.