Master Instructor:

 Steven S. Lee   

5 Time US National Team Member and National Team Captain

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Former U.S. National Team Captain and New Jersey Junior Olympic Team Coach, Master Steven S. Lee has been studying the art and sport of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do close to 30 years.

Master Lee's original reasons for studying the martial arts were for self-defense and for the discipline it instilled.

Born in Seoul Korea, Master Lee moved to the town of Hasbrouck Heights New Jersey at an early age and began studying the art of Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do under renowned martial artist Master Richard Raciti.  He excelled from the very beginning.  Although he was just a young teenager, he began competing against adults at martial arts tournaments.  By the time he reached the age of 16, Master Lee had won multiple adult division grand championships at all the prestigious competitions in the east coast. 

Master Lee's young career was highlighted by winning 1st place at the famed S. Henry Cho’s Madison Square Garden Tournament, in which previous winners included Chuck Norris and Joe Lewis.

In 1993 Master Lee was invited by Olympic Coach Han Won Lee and Herbert Perez of the U.S. Olympic team to live and train with a select group of Olympic hopefuls at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs.

Since then Master lee's has successfully competed and won repeatedly at the World Championships, Pan American Games, the World Cup and many other world class competitions. 

At that time Tae Kwon Do was not yet a full medal Olympic sport.  However, mainly due to the success of Master Lee in all major international competitions, the Olympic Committee was able to change Tae Kwon Do’s Olympic status as a full medal sport for future Olympic Tae Kwon Do Athletes.

Now that Master Lee has retired and has come full circle back to his childhood home town, he has devoted his life in helping instill the discipline and the self confidence he has learned during all his travels with the U.S. National Team to his students.

Master Lee would like to acknowledge the following masters, coaches and teammates for their countless support.

Master Richard Raciti: for his guidance during Master Lee's early years and installing the toughness needed to be a future champion.

Olympic Gold Medalist Herbert Perez: for his world class knowledge and the training ethics which proved to be most valuable on the U.S. National Team.

Olympic Coach Master Han Won Lee: for all the years of inspiration and the motivation at the National Team level.

Competitors/Teammates Steven Lopez and Juan Moreno: for the challenge.




Master Lee was chosen to pass the torch at the 1996 Olympic Flame run for his distinguished contributions to the Olympic movement.

Master Lee's Distinguished Career

1999 – Gold - Olympic wt. National Championships

1998 – Gold - US National Championships

1998 – Gold - Spain Open, Barcelona, Spain

1998 – Belgium Open Team Captain, Brussels 

1998 – Bronze - World Cup, Germany

1998 – Danish Open Team Captain, Copenhagen, Denmark 

1998 – Pan American Team Captain, Lima, Peru

1998 – US National Team Captain

1998 – Canadian Open Championships, Edmonton, Canada 

1997 – Mexican Open Team Captain, Acapulco, Mexico

1997 – Gold - US National Championships, Oakland, CA

1997 – Gold - US National Team Trials, Colorado Springs, CO

1997 – Silver - World Cup, Cairo, Egypt

1997 – Gold - US Open Championships, Colorado Springs, CO

1997 – US National Team Captain

1997 – World Championships Captain, Hong Kong, China

1996 – Gold - US National Championships, Colorado Sprigs, CO

1996 – Gold - Collegiate Championships, Los Angeles, CA

1996 – US Olympic Training Center Team Captain

1996 – Gold - US National Team Trials, Colorado Springs, CO

1996 – Silver - Pan Am Championships, Havana, Cuba

1996 – World University Championships, St.Petersburg, Russia

1996 – World Cup, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

1995 – US Olympic Committee Athlete of the Year

1995 – US Olympic Training Center Team Captain

1995 – Gold - US Open Championships, Colorado Springs, CO

1995 – Gold - US National Team Trials, Colorado Springs, CO

1995 – Gold - US National Championships, Houston, TX

1995 – Pan American Games, Mar Del Plata, Argentina

1995 -- Bronze US Olympic Festival, Colorado Springs, CO

1995 – World Championships, Manila, Philippines

1994 – NY Korean Association Athlete of the Year

1994 – Gold - US National Championships, Atlanta, GA

1994 – Gold - US National Team Trials

1994 – Bronze - Olympic Festival, St. Louis, MO 

1994 – Gold - US Open Championships, Colorado Springs CO

1994 – World Cup, Georgetown, Cayman Islands

1994 – Pan American Championships, Heredia, Costa Rica

1994 – Gold - Collegiate National Championships

1994 – Silver - KBS World Cup, Seoul, Korea

1993 – Gold - Good Will Championship, Ponce,  Puerto Rico

1993 – Gold - US Olympic Festival, San Antonio, TX

1993 – Silver - Collegiate  Championships, New Orleans, LA

1992 – Gold - US Cup, Hartford, CT